Wednesday, June 22, 2011

POSITIVE la sikit,



kucing ni pun pndi senyum.anda?

ok skrng ni tgah menghitung hari untuk masuk ke Kolej Mara Seremban.satu apak un x siap lg.

.mdcal chck up.form x isi lg.brang x feedback letter sy da pos.dgan bnggenye.

pe positive :)

ok skrng rmi ckap IB susah la bagai.tnye smue owg sume nk mengucap begitu.

x pe POSITIVE lbey skit.

mungkin kaw x taw bnefit for ur future
mybe jd doctor yg berjiwa berhati berperikemanusiaan bertawakal bersabar smue jnis ber la.
insha Allah it is not ended by being dr robot. 'ape sakit?' ok,,nnt sy bg ubat'

HE knows da best for u sab .zain bhikha. ALLAH knows.try dgar.

BERSYUKURla orang lain tuh rebut2 nk dpt

blum cube blum taw en.msti best punye la IB.

Insha Allah He will guide me n others to the best path esp for our din , family n society around da world.guiding us to be responsible khalifa in this world n akhirat.

Sesungguhnya Allah SANGAT-SANGAT benci pada orang yang mahir ilmu dunia, tetapi jahil ilmu akhirat. Dan orang yang menuntut ilmu kerana kepentingan dunia, maka tempatnya adalah di neraka. Ingatlah bahawa orang yang berilmu adalah orang yang takut kepada Allah.

‎{ MOTIVASI } Hasil kerja (output) POSITIF bermula dengan tindakan POSITIF, tindakan POSITIF bermula dengan minda POSITIF, minda POSITIF bermula dengan hati POSITIF, hati POSITIF bermula dengan mendekati ALLAH..


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

post saje2 ikut suke!

currently,doing nothing at home.
im not working since dis 6 heaven month staying at home.
im increasing in weight , widening with extra cheese at these cheek, plus lack of exercises , n add on unlimited sleeping time

but i really enjoy living at my home during this post spm.
even im not like others working at fast food giant ,,tesco kings .hee
i realize that im keen on cooking n baking.
every day im cooking for my parents for a person who didn t know how to cook became someone that able to serve for my entire fmily with special dishes.this is because of guidance fr my mama n abah.thanx a lot guys.
i love to bake.recently,act just now i made blueberry cheese needs a lot of patience n i advise u dont do it alone.let someone or many2 one to accompany or help u to work this out.
sangat2 leceh. it took me for almost 4 hours to make it done.with asist of 3 people.nasib baik.!!
but u feel worth it when people like ur cooking.they praise ur cook.this is da way to make people happy n make u feel appreciated.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

joy of success

we rushed from perak to attend this party.fuh.we reached home at 12 o clock in da afternoon.

shariff's big family had a grand brunch at concorde,kl.
purpose of this event to celebrate annual achievements of our big family.
alhamdulillah,thank to Allah for giving us this opportunity to gather and strengthen our bonds as relatives.

the theme of this party is white.ur attire must be white.umm.

my parents n i came an hour late.but it was not a big deal.we were we reached there they just like standing ovation .haha.perasan je lbey.but.we must behave ourselves as there was Sultan Selangor having his lunch with his friends.just show the sense of quiet!!

when he finished eating we started the was like pasar malam.felt like we owned da area.dis is our territory.haha.

party ended at 4.00 pm.thanx for celebrating this party for me,pak uteh,abg faiz n lia.

this is my big shariff's u guys

orang yg dirai.

p/s:hope for the next generation of shariff's big family contribute the best achievement and break our family record.all da best yeah.


there is being so long that im not posting new feed here.
even this event had passed for 3 weeks ago .hehe.

alhamdulillah. i got straight a's.
when we knew dat spm result will be revealed on 23rd march was just a nightmare.fuhh.i was thinking about da result all da day n night. nothing to be done except pray pray n pray to Allah.pray for having the best result.

on dat day, i came school at 10 am as da teachers n bellatrixians (my batch) announced dat we must gather there because a special event will be held at the hall (dgp) adrenaline just at da highest level.the emcee announced that just 46 of us got straight's a including these 3 girls who got straight a plus plus.straight a's students' name were announced and taking their result on da stage. hehe.i like.dreaming to be one of them

rumours said that my class just 15 students got straight a's.i was counting when the names have heart pumping like 200 beat per sec.haha.kidding.

finally.ranking num 35 .i think name was announced.acknowledgement given fr school to all da students were very satisfied.for straight a's we got 3 bouquet of flowers.haha.never got as much as those flower at da same time.thanks bonda,pta,teachers n school.

p/s: congratulation to bellatrixians as breaking da seseri's record and being top 8 among other 54 sbp.

nature awesomness

I went for a vacation with my day for GIBS association.on da 3rd april.
it just my parents and other siblings were busy.

it took 1 an half hour journey from rawang.da location is at felda sg klah hotsprings.
at first i felt bored because my siblings were not father attended meeting there with those people and i was staying in the rooom with my mum.we stayed at felda residence

i love nature and these green environment.i recommend u guys to have a family vacation here.
feel the nature awesomness.

this is where we stayed

'algae face scrub' nature facial treatment.huhu

this is totally the hottest one.caution!!

eggs to be boiled

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Karnival ini juga sangat bermanfaat kepada pelajar lepasan SPM dan STPM untuk mendapatkan maklumat mengenai peluang malanjutkan pelajaran.Selain itu,kita juga dapat cari maklumat terperinci mengenai kursus yg kita minat.

tarikh: 11-13 mac 2011
tempat: PWTC, KL
masa: 10 am - 6 pm

Thursday, February 24, 2011


finally,i passed da jpj test..alhamdulillah

im too tired tonight because of pack-routine that evening.i have a lot of experience to share with.but it is not da right time.i will reveal this story going to sleep.nite2..

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

my parents' anniversary !!

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today is my parents' 21st anniversary.the clock is ticking n ding!ding!ding! is heard fr the clock in my living means 12 oclock in da morning n it is 23rd of February.

they are in their room n im texting their mobile wishing them 'Happy anniversary mama n abah....'
i m planning to give them special present.something different compared to previous years.i dont know what to give.i figure it out by myself.missing my sister n brother which are not here (home sweet home)

i think i plan to bake a cheesecake and got da easy recipe to parents are working everyday n im da only one staying at home during the,i hope my plan is going smoothly and surprising them.

p/s: i love u mama n abah.mayALLAH bless ur relationship n stay togther during happiness n sadness moments.enjoy ur day and ave a blast one.happy always..LOL.. angah <3

my new twinmate

last two days,i attended my driving class for the last one hour an half.completed 10 hours of learning driving in IMKL.i have jpj test on this ,pray 4 me kayh..

it was almost 1 pm and planning to have lunch at the cafe.i ate kaya toast with syrup limau only.
just for rm 2.20.hehe..i sat in front of this one young lady in the age of mine. i think so. she smiled at me.i was breaking the ice with all common questions that u might do during first conversation.
for half an hour talking while finishing my toast and drink.then,hehe

what's ur name?i said.

sabrina.she said.i was in wrinkle-free.hehe

my mind was thinking how come she could know my it she mentioned SABRINA?
(this beautiful name).hhee

what's ur full name? i said

nur sabrina..she said

wow..what a coincidence.i have never met a person with this non- typical same spelling name.

what ur dad's name? i said haha..curious to know more bout her

zahari..she answered

mine is shahiful bahari.still have 'hari' at the back.i answered while giggling.

we continued talking about school,friends,personal..n many more n noticed that we have a lot of commons including friend which is illy ashikin.

that is my story of this new twin.hehe.

nice to meet u.sabrina zahari.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Con man

nowadays,we often heard about con man .

wondering what is con man is??let me explain in the simplest word about con man which is CONFIDENCE MAN.they might be anywhere and we should beware of their presence.a con man is a swindler who works by gaining the confidence of the person they are going to swindle.

there are as many types of conman as well in this world .the con man may be anyone from dashing figure, bedecked in rich clothes and seeming to want for nothing, to a decrepit old man , tattered in rags and seemingly blind. one cornerstone of the con man is he or she rarely looks like a con man.

this is an example:if u got a call from unknown people and considering for an interview (short conversation) with advice is just ignore them.beware of saying anything that might reveal ur personal information such as where do you live, ur phone number, how many people staying in ur home, how old are u.beware of this kind of questions. just ignore them.

this is the best solution, i think so. just be brave enough to say NO. this action might help us in protecting ourselves n our beloved family from dangerous situation.

p/s;just a reminder to those who love their family and

Friday, February 18, 2011


have you ever heard about this title?

as seserian..the answer is yes.congratulation to my school,SM Sains Seri Puteri,Kuala Lumpur has been awarded as one of 29 schools in Malaysia as Sekolah Berprestasi Tinggi.on behalf of ex-students.ceh2.i would like to thank the teachers,bonda,umi,ibu,school admins,staffs,wardens,students ,cleaners,gardeners,guards, and those who have made contribution to this lovely school.i hope these upcoming future generation of SESERI can maintain the title of SBT by participating n winning in all kind of competitions and helping each other in studies.Insyallah.Amin.

Makan Cara Nabi Muhammad s.a.w

Nabi Muhammad s.a.w pernah bersabda:
sebenarnya banyak sekali kebaikan dan kelebihan jika kita mengamalkan sunnah. Ulama berkata, pada setiap amalan sunnah itu ada keberkatan. Siapa amal sunnah, dia akan mendapat 2 keuntungan. Apa keuntungan itu?

"Barang siapa yang mengikuti sunnahku, bererti dia cinta kepadaku. Dan barang siapa yang cinta kepada ku, maka akan masuk syurga bersamaku."

1.Pahala yang berlipat ganda


Kali ini saya nak kongsikan tentang sunnah-sunnah makan (setakat yang saya tahu). Bolehlah kita sama-sama amalkan.

1. Cara duduk
Seperti duduk tahiyat awal tapi lutut kanan dinaikkan. Posisi duduknya ialah peha/lutut kanan dinaikkan manakala kita duduk pada bahagian kaki kiri.

Duduk makan cara sunnah...
Sebenarnya cara duduk sebegini banyak kebaikannya. Posisi ini dapat memberikan keselesaan pada perut dan ia menjaga keseimbangan komposisi ruang dalam perut kepada 3 bahagian. Iaitu 1/3 ruang adalah untuk makanan, 1/3 untuk udara dan 1/3 lagi adalah untuk air.
Ada orang tanya, macammana kalau kita makan atas kerusi/meja? Macam mana nak duduk cara sunnah? Hmm, kalau makan atas kerusi/meja, tak bolehla nak ikut sunnah. Sebab kalau ikut sunnah, makan kena atas lantai. Barulah boleh duduk cara sunnah ni.
Kalau tanya saya, mana satu lebih baik, makan atas lantai ikut cara sunnah atau makan atas kerusi/meja, maka pastinya saya
saya akan jawab, TENTUNYA CARA SUNNAH PALING BAGUS. Sebab di situ ada ganjaran PAHALA dan KEBERKATAN nya. So, terpulanglah pada masing-masing untuk amalkan.

2. Makan menggunakan tangan.
Bukan guna sudu / garfu, bukan guna chopstick. Tetapi guna tangan kanan. Ada kajian membuktikan bahawa, pada tangan / jari kita ni, ada enzim yang 10 kali ganda lebih banyak dari enzim yang ada dalam air liur. Enzim ini berguna untuk mencerna makanan.

3.Makan dengan menggunakan 3 jari.
Ada orang kata, macammana nak makan dengan 3 jari saja. Susah la kalau nak makan nasi. Nabi dulu takperla, Baginda banyak makan roti dan buah-buah kurma saja.Hmmm, tentang itu, saya 'no comment'.
Pada saya, kalau nak amalkan tak susah mana. Orang-orang Cina pun diorang makan guna chopstick jer... 2 batang kayu jer guna. OK pulak. So, macam mana boleh kata susah untuk makan guna 3 jari??
Saya sarankan kepada mereka yang nak mula amalkan sunnah ini, gunakan 3 jari pada suapan pertama tu dulu. Lepas-lepas tu, bolehla makan macam biasa.

4. Apabila nampak makanan, disunatkan baca doa "Allahumma baariklana........."

5. Sebelum makan, disunnahkan untuk basuh kedua belah tangan dan juga berkumur-kumur.
Ada banyak kelebihan bagi mereka yang mengamalkan perbuatan membasuh tangan dan berkumur ni.

6. Sebelum menyuapkan makanan ke dalam mulut, sila baca doa
"Bismillahiwa'ala barokatillah"

7. Lepas makan, kita disunnahkan untuk menjilati jari-jari kita yang digunakan untuk mengambil makanan tadi.
Hikmah kepada perbuatan ini, kandungan enzim yang ada pada tangan / jari kita tadi akan makin cepat bercampur dengan makanan dan seterusnya memudahkan proses pencernaan.

8. Makan dalam satu dulang yang sama secara berjemaah.

Sebenarnya cara ini akan meningkatkan rasa sayang terhadap sesama kita.
Kalau suami isteri boleh amalkan makan dalam satu dulang, insyaAllah kemesraan akan lebih dapat dirasai dan kita akan jadi lebih saling faham memahami dan saling bertolak ansur. Amalan makan satu dulang ini juga dapat mengelakkan sebarang pembaziran.

9. Makan ketika lapar, berhenti sebelum kenyang.
Haaa yang ni nampak macam senang jer nak amal. Tapi sebenarnya susah gak nak amal.
Biasanya kita makan ni ikut nafsu. Selagi tak kenyang, selagi tu lah kita 'melantak'. Nak-nak pulak kalau kita pi makan kat hotel-hotel atau restoran yang menyediakan hidangan cara 'buffet'. Memang sampai nak pecah perut, baru la berhenti makan. Betul tak? Saya tak cakap pada orang lain sebab saya pun terkadang juga...

10. duduk tegak semasa makan dan tidak bersandar
Rasulullah melarang kerana membahayakan kesihatan dan menganggu pencernaan usus

11. tidak tidur selepas makan

Sekian, semoga kita sama-sama dapat amal. Makan ikut cara sunnah Nabi SAW ni sangat-sangat penting sebenarnya. Sebab kita akan makan hari-hari. Sekurang-kurangnya 3 kali sehari.
Kalau kita makan tak ikut sunnah, maka kita hanya makan macam ikut adat saja. Macam lembu dan kambing makan. Makan sebab lapar dan sebab nak penuhi nafsu makan kita.

Tapi kalau kita makan ikut sunnah Nabi SAW, seperti yang di katakan tadi, kita akan dapat

Jadi, pilihan di tangan anda. Nak makan macam lembu dan kambing makan, atau nak ikut sunnah Nabi SAW?
Buatlah pilihan yang bijak...
* Mohon ditegur atau dikomen oleh ustaz-ustaz atau yang arif sekiranya saya salah memberikan info
~ Ilmu hak bersama.. ~

P/S: artikel ini diadaptasi dari e-mail beberapa orang blogger.ilmu perlulah dikongsi.terima kasih saudara2

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

i am a grown-up

i was attending an english class at night .every tue n wed only.i am supposedly attend with my friend,mariah.but she still in kelantan,taking care of her first,i felt dissapointed when she told me that she couldnt attend that not sure that i can make it.attending the class alone!haha..finally i got the gut and instinct that the class will be fun.redah je la

class start at 8 pm.i was late for my first class,just 10 min late.but it wont happen for my second class.i came early at 7.55.hehe.miss adhlina (sorry if misspelling) is my teacher.she is very friendly and experienced teacher.n what a surprise.i noticed my colleagues are not at my age.they are all 20s til 40s the youngest.18 babe!when u re surrounding to these kind of people.what's in ur mind??i was thinking##wow i must be grown-up,these people make me such a mature teen/adult.wateva la.nsib baik,they are friendly too n they are just 15 human in that class.

so,time for breaking the ice.i ve met different kind of people and most of them are employed.supervisor,engineer,medical ass.,housewives,police officer n many more.hehe.i got new friends.walala.

we did a lot of activities there.just now,i acted with my new friend.a police was short conversation that we acted in front of the class.she roled as my mom and i acted as her daughter.i had great time attending this class.hehe..grown-up is who i am when sitting n learning in that class.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

whAt kinda friend are u??

finished reading this book :0

i bought this book when hang out with YETT.she is my BFF n when im reading this book im always thinking of her.even this storyline is not same as our BFF's story.
.just read it.

this book is about friendship of two girls .they are trying to fix their broken friendship as they are becoming more and more unalike.that's becoming harder and harder to deal with..
fuh..that is reality when we are growing up.we are changed a lot in the kind of interests and styles.
just try to deal with it and dont let our friendship breakdown.haha

p/s:LOVE my BFF in primary school,high school-sg.pusu.mjsckb.seseri-lol sabby

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

New experience n experiment..

hari ni ade appoinment dgan doc for skin test

pernah dengar x psal skin test??fuh..bende ni mmang menarik.untung gak dapat appointment ni.nak taw x what is actually skin test is??sangat menarik pabila kene duduk di atas kerusi n kene sengseng tangan tuk di inject..ak kene inject 20 spots kat due2 blah test ni untuk tau bende apa yg kite allergic nurse tu ltak one drop(bende allergen tu) kat each spot.

then kene tggu jap for 20 min n doc akan panggil n check kite nye tangan.dlm bnyak2 spots tu mane yg swollen cam kene gigit nyamuk.nnt doc tu bagi taw kat kite bende ape yg kite allergic n try to avoid bende yg kite allergic tu.kadang2 kite x brape taw kite allergic ape kan??ataupun nak sure kite ni allergic ape?so kalau nak tau try la skin test di hospital jangan wat kat rumah sudey.bende ni tak sakit pun cm kene gigit semut api je.n that is my new experience n i wish i can make new experiment for things that im allergic with..hehe

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

It was yesterday,babe!

setengah hari bersama si teman

haha..menarik la jugak..aku jumpa dengan my best friend kat mrsm dulu.lama la jugak x jumpa dia rasanye hampir setahun setengah kot.tapi itu x la lama sangat en.dia baik la jugak n hati cam perempuan kot(bagi aku la)sebab tu la aku agak selesa berkawan ngan die tapi hati je tau but luaran x cam perempuan pun.even sekolah kat sane just sebulan lebih tapi aku dapat la jugak kenal ramai orang n banyak gak kawan yang baik2 aku dapat kat sana.planning nak pergi ramai2 tapi kitorang je yang dapat datang dan hanya aku dan encek adam.kitorang x de wat pa pe pun just berjalan2 pusing satu mid n masuk the garden untuk amik gambar je n lagi satu encek adam bershopping sakan kat giordano tu..aku cume melihat , beli buku cerita dan beli sling bag.yang bestnya encek adam tu kene masuk sekali waktu ak tengah belek2 bag kat dalam kedai tu..nasib baik dia x malu2.thanks la ye.had a great time with u,encek adam..kitorang kawan je taw dan x lebih dari encek adam!

assalamualaikum n salam 1 Malaysia

Setelah sekian lama x menjengok,menziarah dan mencoret sesuatu kat blog ni akhirnya aku dapat petunjuk kot untuk memenuhkan blog ni dengan kisah2 menarik termasuklah kisah hidupku which is warna-warni hidupku.haha..selamat membaca kalau la sudi..