Wednesday, June 8, 2011

post saje2 ikut suke!

currently,doing nothing at home.
im not working since dis 6 heaven month staying at home.
im increasing in weight , widening with extra cheese at these cheek, plus lack of exercises , n add on unlimited sleeping time

but i really enjoy living at my home during this post spm.
even im not like others working at fast food giant ,,tesco kings .hee
i realize that im keen on cooking n baking.
every day im cooking for my parents for a person who didn t know how to cook became someone that able to serve for my entire fmily with special dishes.this is because of guidance fr my mama n abah.thanx a lot guys.
i love to bake.recently,act just now i made blueberry cheese needs a lot of patience n i advise u dont do it alone.let someone or many2 one to accompany or help u to work this out.
sangat2 leceh. it took me for almost 4 hours to make it done.with asist of 3 people.nasib baik.!!
but u feel worth it when people like ur cooking.they praise ur cook.this is da way to make people happy n make u feel appreciated.

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