Wednesday, April 13, 2011

joy of success

we rushed from perak to attend this party.fuh.we reached home at 12 o clock in da afternoon.

shariff's big family had a grand brunch at concorde,kl.
purpose of this event to celebrate annual achievements of our big family.
alhamdulillah,thank to Allah for giving us this opportunity to gather and strengthen our bonds as relatives.

the theme of this party is white.ur attire must be white.umm.

my parents n i came an hour late.but it was not a big deal.we were we reached there they just like standing ovation .haha.perasan je lbey.but.we must behave ourselves as there was Sultan Selangor having his lunch with his friends.just show the sense of quiet!!

when he finished eating we started the was like pasar malam.felt like we owned da area.dis is our territory.haha.

party ended at 4.00 pm.thanx for celebrating this party for me,pak uteh,abg faiz n lia.

this is my big shariff's u guys

orang yg dirai.

p/s:hope for the next generation of shariff's big family contribute the best achievement and break our family record.all da best yeah.


there is being so long that im not posting new feed here.
even this event had passed for 3 weeks ago .hehe.

alhamdulillah. i got straight a's.
when we knew dat spm result will be revealed on 23rd march was just a nightmare.fuhh.i was thinking about da result all da day n night. nothing to be done except pray pray n pray to Allah.pray for having the best result.

on dat day, i came school at 10 am as da teachers n bellatrixians (my batch) announced dat we must gather there because a special event will be held at the hall (dgp) adrenaline just at da highest level.the emcee announced that just 46 of us got straight's a including these 3 girls who got straight a plus plus.straight a's students' name were announced and taking their result on da stage. hehe.i like.dreaming to be one of them

rumours said that my class just 15 students got straight a's.i was counting when the names have heart pumping like 200 beat per sec.haha.kidding.

finally.ranking num 35 .i think name was announced.acknowledgement given fr school to all da students were very satisfied.for straight a's we got 3 bouquet of flowers.haha.never got as much as those flower at da same time.thanks bonda,pta,teachers n school.

p/s: congratulation to bellatrixians as breaking da seseri's record and being top 8 among other 54 sbp.

nature awesomness

I went for a vacation with my day for GIBS association.on da 3rd april.
it just my parents and other siblings were busy.

it took 1 an half hour journey from rawang.da location is at felda sg klah hotsprings.
at first i felt bored because my siblings were not father attended meeting there with those people and i was staying in the rooom with my mum.we stayed at felda residence

i love nature and these green environment.i recommend u guys to have a family vacation here.
feel the nature awesomness.

this is where we stayed

'algae face scrub' nature facial treatment.huhu

this is totally the hottest one.caution!!

eggs to be boiled